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Major Elitist Public Arguments in the Western Hemisphere for and against Family Planning and Population Control, According to Political Positiona
In favor	Individual human right	Anti-abortion Family health & welfare	Responsible parenthood
	New left Old left	Physicians Social workers	Young clergy
Opposed	Populationism	0	Hedonism-
	Slack militants		Old clergy
In favor	0	Economic	Political-economic
		development	stability Welfare costs
		Economic	Politicians
Opposed	Anti-imperialism Revolutionism	Coercion	Nationalism Abundant labor
			supply Populationism
	Castroites Peking Communists	Liberal intellectuals	Military Big business
altalics show examples of groups holding stated positions.
western hemisphere. Aside from the zeros, there is no attempt to indicate relative frequencies in each category. In fact, the scales are probably tipped in the favorable direction toward family planning and possibly narrowly so toward population control, though north-south differences would be especially striking here. Leftist opposition to family planning and centrist opposition to population control are especially small (but vociferous) categories.
Although we have provided an example for each category of a group which tends to maintain such a position, there is no suggestion that all members of the group believe or proclaim it or that there are not other groups who do so. Further, as we have seen from our national poll data, attitude toward family planning does not predict attitude toward limiting population growth; therefore, any group should properly be classified twice in the table. For example, Castroites tend to favor family planning and oppose population control, and many economists favor population control and are not interested in family was "increasing much faster than in most parts of the world" (14).